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Session 86 - Cosmology: Theory.
Display session, Friday, January 09
Exhibit Hall,

[86.07] Non-locality and Cosmology

M. Kafatos (Center for Earth Observing and Space Research, GMU)

There are a number of observational and theoretical reasons in support of a view that non-locality may be a fundamental property of the universe. Here, the term non-locality is used to denote spatial non-local quantum correlations but is not limited to them. We discuss quantum experiments that reveal spatial and temporal non-localities. Extending the idea of correlations beyond these quantum effects, Universal Diagrams involving different physical quantities in multi-dimensional space indicate remarkable self-similarity or structure over all scales. Eddington’s and Dirac’s observation of certain numerical coincidences involving physical constants as well as various cosmological correlations are discussed. We will explore some consequences which indicate a linkage between microphysics and the universe at all scales, amply demonstrated by the appearance of the Universal Diagrams. The inherent limitations of cosmological observations and the apparent linkage of objects at different scales of the universe may be indicating that quantum-like effects are pervasive. As such, complementarity may be a foundational principle which applies at all scales from the quantum to the cosmological realms. The thesis is made here that non-locality is a fundamental construct of the universe.

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