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Session 83 - Gravitational Lensing.
Display session, Friday, January 09
Exhibit Hall,

[83.12] Detection of dark galaxies by gravitational lensing

G. P. Kochanski, I. P. Dell'Antonio, J. A. Tyson (Bell Lab. - Lucent Tech.)

Gravitational lensing gives one the opportunity to measure a mass distribution, independent of the presence of luminous matter. We have made an detailed reconstruction of the mass in the galaxy cluster CL0024+1654, to search for and detect ``dark galaxies" directly. Because we have multiple, well-resolved images of a very complex background source, we are able to reconstruct the mass distribution in exquisite detail. In addition to a smooth dark matter distribution and to the mass associated with visible galaxies, we find several statistically significant M_tot \sim 10^10 M_ødot clumps with little or no associated light. We will present the analysis of the mass and the limits on the luminosity of these objects. We also discuss the implications of the existence of these objects for theories of structure formation and cluster dynamics.

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