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Session 83 - Gravitational Lensing.
Display session, Friday, January 09
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[83.09] Time Delay Observations of the Gravitational Lens CLASS 1600+434 at 8 GHz

C. B. Moore (Kapteyn Institute), A. S. Cohen (M.I.T.), J. N. Hewitt (M.I.T.), D. B. Haarsma (Haverford College)

Measurement of time delays in gravitational lens systems combined with an independent measure of the lens strength and a model of the lensing potential provide a method for determining the angular diameter distance to the lens. Measurements in many lensing systems will allow the extraction of cosmological parameters from the resulting angular diameter distance-redshift relation. We report on the results of a 45 epoch time delay observation of the gravitational lens CLASS 1600+434 performed using the VLA at 8 GHz over the period 10 Oct 1996 -- 23 May 1997.

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