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Session 82 - Spirals & Irregulars.
Display session, Friday, January 09
Exhibit Hall,

[82.12] HI imaging of the shell galaxy NGC 1210

A. Petric (Barnard College), D. Schiminovich (Columbia U.), J. van Gorkom (Columbia U.), J. M. van der Hulst (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute), M. Weil (Columbia U.)

We present high resolution (7 arcsec), high sensitivity HI images of the shell galaxy NGC 1210. The neutral hydrogen forms a continous loop which appears in projection as an off-centered ring. Some remarkable aspects are the large HI mass, ( 8 \times 10^9 M_ødot), the sharpness of some of its features (< 3 kpc) and its unsettled appearance. Optically NGC 1210 shows a variety of shell morphologies, all-around shells in the center and aligned shells in the outer parts in addition to something that looks like a tidal tail. The present-day peculiarities of NGC 1210 may be the result of a major merger or multiple merger/accretion events. Using the HI kinematics and the gas and shell morphology we try to disentangle the recent past of NGC 1210.

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