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Session 79 - Star Clusters in Other Galaxies.
Display session, Friday, January 09
Exhibit Hall,

[79.05] Extragalactic Open Clusters: A Catalog of Clusters in M33 from HST Data

P. Seitzer, M. Tavarez, M. Lopez (U. Michigan), E. Friel (NSF), K. Janes (Boston U.)

We have constructed a catalog of star clusters and associations in M33 from all available archival WFPC2 data. The majority of these new clusters are too small to be resolved from the ground, and thus extend the existing catalogs of star clusters in M33. We will present the luminosity and size functions of all M33 clusters, and compare them with the similar functions for the Milky Way population of open or disk clusters. Our completeness function for detecting clusters in the disk of M33 is determined by adding artificial clusters of known brightness and scale length into the WFPC2 data, and noting what fraction of clusters are recovered as a function of brightness and size. Our goal is to understand how the formation and evolution of star clusters in M33 differs from the Milky Way.

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