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Session 76 - Star Formation in Galaxies.
Display session, Friday, January 09
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[76.15] H\alpha Imaging of Early-type(Sa-Sab) Spiral Galaxies

S. Hameed, N. Devereux (New Mexico State U.)

H\alpha imaging of Early-type (Sa-Sab) Spirals

A recent analysis of the IRAS database indicates that the massive star formation rates in early-type(Sa-Sab) spirals are comparable to the massive star formation rates in late-type spirals. We are conducting an H\alpha imaging survey of a complete sample of nearby (D \le 40Mpc), bright (m(B) \le 12.1), early-type spirals to confirm the results obtained by IRAS.

Our preliminary results indicate that a majority of these galaxies show either signs of interaction, and/or host nuclear starbursts. The occurence of nuclear starbursts in early-type spirals may be related to the propensity for such galaxies to also host Seyfert nuclei. The evidence for interactions suggests that early-type spirals are evolving in the current epoch.

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