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Session 74 - The Quiet & Active Sun.
Display session, Friday, January 09
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[74.14] Fast Solar Wind Acceleration by Nonlinear Waves in Coronal Holes

L. Ofman (Hughes STX/NASA GSFC), J. M. Davila (NASA GSFC)

We use the 2.5D (3D with azimuthal symmetry) MHD equations to model numerically the solar wind acceleration in a nonhomogeneous coronal hole. We investigate the parametric dependence of the solar wind acceleration by nonlinear MHD waves with a monochromatic and a broad band driving source. We find that when the Alfvèn wave amplitude is above a parameter dependent threshold , large amplitude nonlinear longitudinal waves are generated and contribute to the radial acceleration. The calculated solar wind speed and density fluctuates considerably on a time scale of tens of minutes with an amplitude of up to several hundred km/s near the sun (4R_ødot

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