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Session 74 - The Quiet & Active Sun.
Display session, Friday, January 09
Exhibit Hall,

[74.08] The "Missing UV Opacity" and the Solar Beryllium Abundance

S. C. Balachandran, R. A. Bell (U. Maryland)

The solar beryllium abundance is derived from the Be II resonance lines near 3130 ÅPrevious measurements have suggested that the Sun is depleted in beryllium by roughly a factor of 2 compared to the meteoritic value. We contend that these measurements are in error because of the insufficient inclusion of continuous opacity. A persistent puzzle in our understanding of the UV solar spectrum has been the inability of theoretical models to match the observed flux. We address this "missing UV opacity" problem empirically and present evidence that the Sun is not depleted in beryllium. Our result provides a strong constraint on the depth to which mixing occurs in the solar interior.

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