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Session 74 - The Quiet & Active Sun.
Display session, Friday, January 09
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[74.01] The NASA Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum

I. Hawkins (UC Berkeley, Space Sciences Laboratory), R. Vondrak (NASA/GSFC), K. Alcorn (UC Berkeley, Space Sciences Laboratory), J. Thieman (NASA/GSFC)

The Office of Space Science (OSS) recently created a new Education ``Ecosystem'' structure to reach out to the K-14 and general public communities with the wonder and excitement of NASA discoveries. As part of this Ecosystem, four Education Forums are being established at major institutions active in each of the space science themes: the Structure and Evolution of the Universe; the Astronomical Search for Origins and Planetary Systems; Solar System Exploration; and the Sun-Earth Connection.

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of California at Berkeley have formed an innovative partnership to become the Education Forum for the Sun-Earth Connection (SEC) theme.

Our goal is to tap SEC NASA science knowledge and mission discoveries to: (a) excite and inspire students of all backgrounds and ages to the wonders of space and solar physics in ways that are both tangible and meaningful to their daily lives; (b) achieve significant and sustained enhancement of science, mathematics, and technology education at K-14 (kindergarten through community college) levels; (c) provide tools and assistance to educators; (d) help develop an appreciation of the analytical approach of science; and (e) contribute to the scientific and technological literacy of the general public.

We will present a summary of the expected scope and timeline of the SEC Forum, with particular emphasis on how the Forum structure will benefit and assist solar and space physicists and other SEC scientists in the context of their education outreach activities.

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