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Session 73 - Solar Space Observations, SOHO & SERTS.
Display session, Friday, January 09
Exhibit Hall,

[73.06] Analysis of Coronal Mass Ejections observed by LASCO

P. Subramanian (George Mason University), K. P. Dere, R. A. Howard (Naval Research Laboratory), C. St. Cyr (Computational Physics, Inc.), G. E. Brueckner (Naval Research Laboratory)

The LASCO instrument on the SOHO spacecraft has been observing coronal mass ejections from the sun from February 1996 to the present time. This covers a range of solar activity ranging from near-minimum activity to increasing activity. We present a database of coronal mass ejection locations, times and velocities. These are then compared with photospheric magnetic field patterns and large scale coronal structures. We hope to gain an understanding of coronal mass ejection initiation mechanisms through these observations. Preliminary results from our analyses will be presented here.

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