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Session 64 - Telescopes for the Next Millennium.
Oral session, Thursday, January 08

[64.05] The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, a New Hubble Instrument for the 2002 Re-servicing Mission

J. Green (U. Colorado)

The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS) has recently been selected for installation in the Hubble Space Telescope during the 2002 re-servicing mission. COS will provide moderate resolution (R= 20,000) spectroscopy in the far ultraviolet (1150-1800 angstroms) with unprecedented sensitivity. The instrument has been designed with maximum effective area as the primary constraint, and will provide more than an order of magnitude gain in sensitivity over previous HST instruments in this wavelength region. This high sensitivity and spectral resolution enables the efficient observation of numerous AGN's and QSO's and a detailed analysis of the intervening gas (the Ly alpha forest). This in turn permits one to address fundamental issues concerning large scale structure, chemical evolution, and galaxy formation.

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