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Session 59 - Relativistic Astrophysics.
Oral session, Thursday, January 08

[59.06] Light Curves for the Gravitational Lens B1422+231 at 8 GHz

A. S. Cohen (MIT), C. B. Moore (Kapteyn Astronomical Inst.), J. N. Hewitt (MIT), D. B. Haarsma (Haverford College)

The gravitationally lensed system, B1422+231, was observed from Oct. 1996 through May 1997 at 8 GHz with the VLA. B1422+231 is a four-image system with a lens at redshift z = 0.65 and source at z = 3.62. Here we present light curves from these observations. Measuring the time delays in gravitational lenses can, with models of the lensing potential, provide a direct measure of the angular diameter distance to the lens. Measurements of this kind made at different lens redshifts could better constrain various cosmological parameters.

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