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Session 59 - Relativistic Astrophysics.
Oral session, Thursday, January 08

[59.04] Modeling the Deflector Mass Distribution in the Gravitational Lens MG J0414+0534

C. S. Trotter, D. B. Haarsma, J. N. Hewitt, C. B. Moore (MIT)

Observation of the gravitational lens MG J0414+0534 with the VLBA at 6 cm wavelength revealed substructure that was not seen at lower resolutions. Four subcomponents appear in each of the lensed images A1, A2, B, and C, and there is a clear and consistent mapping between the subcomponents. These subcomponent locations provide constraints for modeling the deflector.

The deflector potential was expanded in a multipole expansion in angle, and the radial dependence of each multipole component was Taylor-expanded in distance from the Einstein ring radius. With a slight regrouping of terms, the terms in the expansion can be related to the multipole moments of the mass exterior to the ring radius, interior to the ring radius, and at the ring radius.

The modeling results will be presented, both what is learned about the angular distribution of the deflector's mass, and a discussion of to what extent the radial profile of the deflector may be constrained. Model predicted time delays for MG J0414+0534 will be given.

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