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Session 55 - Gamma Ray Burst Breakthrough.
Oral session, Thursday, January 08
International Ballroom East,

[55.01] From the gamma-ray burst to its afterglow with BeppoSAX

L. Piro (Istituto Astrofisica Spaziale, C. N. R.)

The combination of the broad band narrow field instruments, the wide field cameras and gamma-ray burst monitor along with the operational capabilities of the whole BeppoSAX mission provides an unprecedented opportunity to study gamma-ray bursts. Along with the fast detection and precise positioning of these events, we will show how the gamma-ray burst evolves from time scales of seconds (i.e. the GRB proper) up to days (i.e. the afterglow) for the GRBs observed so far by all BeppoSAX instruments.

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