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Session 53 - The X Clusters: Cooling Flows.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
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[53.04] Substructure in a Flux-limited Sample of X-ray Clusters of Galaxies: Wavelet Decomposition of ROSAT PSPC Data

J. M. Vrtilek, L. P. David, A. Vikhlinin, W. Forman, C. Jones (SAO)

The presence of substructure within clusters of galaxies has substantial implications for our understanding of cluster evolution as well as for fundamental questions in cosmology. We discuss our analysis of structure in clusters based on wavelet decomposition applied to ROSAT PSPC data. Clusters that span a wide range in temperature and amount of substructure are selected from the flux-limited sample of Edge et al. (1990 MNRAS 245, 559). In the analysis, the PSPC data are exposure-corrected by the methods described in Snowden et al. (1994 ApJ 424, 714) and background subtraction is achieved directly in the wavelet decomposition. The data are rebinned so that the characteristic scales in the analysis correspond to a uniform physical scale in the clusters. We interpret our results in the context of recent models.

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