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Session 53 - The X Clusters: Cooling Flows.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
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[53.02] HRI Observations of Distant Abell Clusters

E. Rizza (NMSU), J. O. Burns (U. Missouri), M. J. Ledlow (U. New Mexico), F. N. Owen (NRAO), W. Voges (MPE)

We present results from a ROSAT HRI study of 15 intermediate redshift (z=0.2-0.3) Abell clusters. We have performed a detailed morphological analysis to search for and quantify substructure in the clusters. About 85% of the sample shows significant evidence of substructure in the form of centroid shift or obvious X-ray clumps. We also measure the larger scale substructure by comparing the cluster emission to a circular model using Poisson statistics. We examine the clusters for the presence of cooling flows and determine the physical properties of the ICM by deprojecting the HRI data. Twelve of the clusters have central cooling times less than the age of the system in agreement with the fractions determined from X-ray selected samples. This research was supported by the NASA Long-Term Space Astrophysics grant NAGW-3152.

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