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Session 52 - AXAF, X-ray, Gamma Ray Instruments.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
Exhibit Hall,

[52.06] Studies of the Imaging Capabilities of the INTEGRAL/SPI Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

H. Seifert (USRA, NASA/GSFC), P. H. Connell, G. K. Skinner (U. Birmingham (UK)), J. E. Naya, S. J. Sturner (USRA, NASA/GSFC), B. J. Teegarden (NASA/GSFC)

The SPI gamma-ray spectrometer on INTEGRAL is a coded mask spectrometer with 19 germanium detectors, which will offer high spectral resolution together with the capability of imaging both point and extended sources. To study the performance of the instrument, both a Monte Carlo model, based on MGEANT developed at NASA/GSFC, and ray-tracing techniques, developed at U. Birmingham, are being used to produce simulated data. These data are processed with imaging software which is a prototype of the software to be used in flight. The imaging procedures use a variety of constrained matrix and spline techniques. We show preliminary results for reconstructions of the diffuse Galactic 511 keV annihilation radiation and the 1809 keV emission from the decay of ^26Al. We also show a reconstruction of five bright point sources within \pm5 degrees of the Galactic Center.

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