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Session 48 - Gamma Rays & X-ray Instrumentation.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
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[48.14] Temporal Characteristics of Compton Reflection from Accretion Disks

W. T. Bridgman, C. D. Dermer, J. G. Skibo (Naval Research Laboratory)

Compton reflection has been invoked to explain energy spectra of accreting compact sources from galactic black hole candidates to AGN. While much attention has been given to the spectral characteristics of the reflection process, not much attention has been given to the temporal characteristics. Temporal studies can provide additional evidence for support or rejection of the reflection hypothesis. We treat the problem of time-dependent Compton reflection produced by a point source of radiation illuminating an infinite optically-thick disk of cold Solar composition material. We present an analytic approximation for computing the reflected photon flux as a function of time. The reflection produces a broad feature in the power spectrum at a frequency f \sim c/h, where h is the height of the photon source above the disk.

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