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Session 48 - Gamma Rays & X-ray Instrumentation.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
Exhibit Hall,

[48.13] Instrument Design of the Broadband Observatory for the Localization of Transients

F. A. Harrison, W. Cook, G. Hurford, T. Prince, S. Schindler (Caltech), W. Craig, T. Decker, C. Hailey (Columbia U.), K. Ziock (LLNL), S. Thompson (TRW)

The Broadband Observatory for Localization of Transients (BOLT) is a Small Explorer mission to study the origins of gamma-ray bursts. BOLT employs a hard X-ray Rotation Modulation Collimator telescope and fine aspect system in a novel implementation to position bursts to a few arcseconds. Positions are reconstructed on-board to an accuracy of 10 arcseconds, and telemetered to the ground within three minutes. At energies above \sim70 keV, the grid imaging system becomes transparent, and BOLT's large area NaI detector measures the GRB spectrum up to 1 MeV. In this poster, we decribe the instrument design. In particular we discuss the design of the RMC telescope, and present calculations and simulations of the BOLT telescope performance.

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