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Session 45 - Eclipsing Binaries.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
Exhibit Hall,

[45.06] A Light Curve Solution for the O-Type Binary, HD 149404

J. S. Blair, L. R. Penny (College of Charleston), D. R. Gies (CHARA, Georgia State U.)

A member of Ara OB1, HD 149404 is a double-lined spectroscopic binary with component spectral classifications of O8.5 I + O6.5 III. In a previous project some of us investigated the orbital parameters of this system and found the more advanced primary to have the smaller mass from the spectroscopic mass ratio (Penny, Gies, amp; Bagnuolo 1996). This is in agreement with other previous spectroscopic studies (Massey amp; Conti 1978, Stickland amp; Koch 1996). We concluded that this system's present state maybe the result of previous mass loss/transfer from the primary filling its Roche surface (RLOF) in the past. The system does not appear to be in overflow currently, however the true separation of the two stars is not determined, due to a lack of estimate for the orbital inclination. The system does show small (0.03 mag) sinusoidal variations. Here we present a light curve solution to such a variability with the goal of determining the current state of this system and the individual masses of the component stars.

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