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Session 45 - Eclipsing Binaries.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
Exhibit Hall,

[45.05] Times of Minimum Light of Eclipsing Binary Systems: Recent Results

D. B. Caton, S. Templeton, B. Walls (Appalachian State University)

A regular program of monitoring eclipsing binary times of minimum light continues at Appalachian State's Dark Sky Observatory. Recent work has emphasized the recovery of the ephemerides for long neglected and/or faint systems, including V345 Lac, MZ Lac, DX Cyg, V974 Cyg, and others. Most of these were observed using a Photometrics CH250 CCD camera with a Tek 1024 chip, and a V filter from the Bessel standard. By keeping the field registered on the same place on the chip, quick online data reduction provides measurements adequate for determining the time of minimum light. This has been done with the PMIS software, but we have recently installed a second PC that will run Axiom Research's MIRA Pro SL to allow more accurate aperture photometry. Images will be transferred via ethernet from the acquisition PC to the analysis PC.

Results to date will be presented, including information useful to other observers to help monitor these systems.

We are grateful for support received from the American Astronomical Society, the National Science Foundation, and the Fund for Astrophysical Research.

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