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Session 44 - Double Stars.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
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[44.17] Structure and Evolution of Nearby Stars with Planets

E. B. Ford, F. A. Rasio (MIT), A. Sills (Yale)

We present theoretical stellar structure and evolution calculations for several nearby stars with planets using the Yale Rotating Evolution Code. We present several models for each star, varying the mass, X, Y, and Z. Thus our models cover the range of luminosities, metalicities, and T_eff allowed by current observations. By restricting our attention to models with reasonable compositions, we can derive an allowed range for the mass and age of each star. We also are able to determine other quantities of interest, such as the depth and mass of the convective zones, which are crucial parameters in studies of tidal dissipation and circularization. Finally, we calculate the orbital decay rates for these systems.

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