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Session 43 - Variable Stars.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
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[43.06] Finding New Variable Stars in Monitored Fields

P. J. Benson, D. Salter (Wellesley C.), E. Rosolowsky (Swarthmore C.), L. A. Brown (Colgate U.)

The students and faculty at Wellesley College have been monitoring variable stars, novae, and supernovae using the Wellesley College 24-inch Sawyer telescope and a CCD camera since 1992. Since skies in Wellesley (14 miles west of Boston) are rarely photometric, we have doing differential photometry using from four to eight nearby field stars as comparisons. In the course of examining each pair of differential magnitudes, it has been found that some of the comparisons are also variable. Four new suspected variables include GSC 4246 581 in the field of V778 Cygni, GSC 2102 1349 in the field of V1413 AU Herculis, GSC 1585 1087 in the field of V1419 Aquilae, and GSC 2137 3085 in the field of BF Cygni.

I thank many undergraduates for working on this project, NSF grant AST-9417359 for support of this project, and the W. M. Keck Foundation for providing the summer internships of E. Rosolowsky and L. A. Brown and its support of astronomy at Wellesley College through the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium.

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