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Session 41 - Visible & UV Telescopes.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
Exhibit Hall,

[41.12] Preliminary Results from the Second EUVE Right Angle Program Catalog

D. J. Christian (UCB/CEA), N. Craig (UCB/CEA), W. D. Cahill (UC Davis, UCB/CEA), B. Roberts (UCB/CEA), R. F. Malina (UCB/CEA)

We present preliminary results of our search for new sources in the EUVE Right Angle Program (RAP) data. The EUVE all-sky survey telescopes (also known as ``scanners'') are mounted at right angles to the Deep Survey and spectrometer instruments, and obtain photometric data in four bands centered at \sim100 ÅLexan/B), \sim200 ÅAl/Ti/C), \sim400 ÅTi/Sb/Al), and \sim550 ÅSn/SiO). This allows the Right Angle Program to accumulate data serendipitously during pointed spectroscopic observations. The long exposure times possible with RAP observations provide much greater sensitivity than the all-sky survey. One-half of the scanner data since January 1994 has been analyzed, yielding approximately 200 new source detections. We present light-curves and variability measurements for the brighter sources. We have detected stellar flares from several yet to be identified sources. Source identifications and distribution by type will be also be presented.

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