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Session 41 - Visible & UV Telescopes.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
Exhibit Hall,

[41.02] A Guest Investigators' Guide to Observing with FUSE

E. M. Murphy, D. J. Sahnow, W. R. Oegerle, FUSE Science Operations Team (The Johns Hopkins University)

The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) satellite is a Principal Investigator (PI) class NASA astronomy mission that will obtain astronomical spectra in the 905--1195 Å\ far-UV band. FUSE will have high spectral resolution (R\sim24000--30000) and large effective area (20--80 cm^2). The primary mission will last three years beginning with launch in the fall of 1998. Approximately 1/2 of the observing time is designated for use by Guest Investigators.

This poster presents information on FUSE instrument performance that will be useful to investigators who plan to submit observing proposals for Cycle 1. We will summarize the important instrument characteristics, expected performance, and available observing modes. Simulated spectra for realistic lines of sight will demonstrate the capabilities of FUSE and give potential Guest Investigators an idea of the anticipated data quality and format.

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