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Session 40 - Supernova Remnants & SN 1987A.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
Exhibit Hall,

[40.07] The Distributions of Rotation Measure and Magnetic-Field Orientation over the SNR, G41.1-0.3.

A. Seth (Wesleyan U.), C. Salter (NAIC)

In 1984, the supernova remnant (SNR), G41.1-0.3 was observed with the VLA in its C and D configurations. During both sessions, data were acquired for two wavelengths at the opposite ends of the C band. The distribution of Rotation Measure (RM) was derived across the SNR, and found to be both high and unusually variable (200 < RM < 600 rad M**2). The RM distribution was used to recover the intrinsic polarization position-angles, giving the magnetic-field orientation within the object. This showed that the magnetic-field distribution possesses considerable complication, including evidence for filamentary structures and heavy interaction with the interstellar medium, as also seen in the total-intesity structure. The SNR also displays a wide range of polarization percentages, with a maximum of 11

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