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Session 39 - Supernovae.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
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[39.01] The Probable Detection of SN 1923A: The Oldest Radio Supernova or The Youngest Supernova Remnant?

C. R. Eck, J. J. Cowan, D. Branch (U. Oklahoma)

We report the detection of radio emission using the VLA from an object that is coincident with the reported optical postion of SN 1923A in M83. At 20 cm the flux density was determined to be 0.313 \pm 0.075 mJy and at 6 cm to be 0.148 mJy \pm 0.030. This nonthermal source has a spectral index of -0.64 \pm 0.27.

We cannot tell from our data whether the radio emission is fading or brightening with time. At an age of about 68 years when we observed it, this would be the oldest radio supernova or the youngest supernova remnant yet detected.

SN 1923A has been designated as a Type II-P (Patat et al. 1994, Schaefer 1996). No Type II-P (other than SN 1987A) has been detected previously in the radio.

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