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Session 38 - HAD IV: Demographics, Alignments & Outreach.
Display session, Thursday, January 08
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[38.04] Enhancement of K - 12 Astronomy Education Through Multicultural Outreach

P. A. Yanamandra-Fisher (JPL/CIT)

History bears out the fact that various cultures developed their own unique interpretation of the stars and the universe. Children are first introduced to the cultural lore in their pre--school years by their primary teachers --- the parents. In today's technological world, with social migration and assimilation of differing ethnic peoples into a common society, parents often neglect or ignore this valuable contibution to enhancing the child's interest in astronomy at an early age. This important contibution can be re-awakened by applying a multicultural approach to introductory astronomy/solar system science in primary grades by teachers, parents and scientists. Such an integrated approach unifies a society and instructs the child by identifying its cultural and scientific heritage. Some common examples are the interpretation of the Big Dipper, Zodiac and the planets. These and other examples will be provided along with teaching aids.

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