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Session 35 - HAD III: From Hamlet to Crop Circles.
Oral session, Wednesday, January 07

[35.04] The Portraits of Ancient Constellations:A Seven Was Their Number

A. A. Gurshtein (Mesa State College, CO)

In seeking for genesis of archaic astronomical knowledge, I have found evidence that the "figure-of-seven" and the "figure-of-twelve" became sacred as the indirect result of celestial observational practices during very different historical epoches. While the figure-of-twelve became sacred after the time of the Egyptian heretic pharaoh Akhenaten and Moses (and concurrently with the oldest parts of the Holy Bible), the figure-of-seven originated as far back in prehistory as (at least) 30-20 thousand years B.C.E. -- the time of the recognition of a lunar month. I propose that the first constellations were credited as attributive groups of seven stellar objects. The hypothesis is based, in particular, upon evidence produced through interpretation of sky maps.

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