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Session 30 - Space Astronomy in the Next Millennium.
Oral session, Wednesday, January 07
International Ballroom Center,

[30.01] NASA's Space Astronomy for the Next Millennium: The Office of Space Sciences's New Strategic Plan

W. T. Huntress, E. J. Weiler, A. Bunner, G. Withbroe, C. Pilcher, H. A. Thronson Jr. (NASA HQ)

Approximately every four years, NASA's Office of Space Science (OSS) develops a long-range Strategic Plan, which summarizes the mission priorities which OSS intends to pursue, the programmatic and budgetary environment within which therities were determined, and related issues, such as technology development and education/public outreach. The new Strategic Plan, which emphasizes the period 2000 - 2004, will be described and discussed in this panel presentation by the Associate Administrator for Space Science and the four Directors of the new science themes. This Strategic Plan is especially significant, as it is the first produced within the new organizational structure of OSS and covers a significant time period to be considered by the National Academy of Science’s next Decadal Review. The session will have significant time for questions from the audience.

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