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Session 25 - Seyfert Galaxies.
Oral session, Wednesday, January 07

[25.04] Parsec-scale VLBA observations of the highly collimated radio jet in the Seyfert galaxy, NGC4151.

C. G. Mundell (U.Maryland), J. Wrobel (NRAO/Soc), A. Pedlar (NRAL/UK), J. Gallimore (MPE/DE)

We present sensitive, \lambda21-cm VLBA observations of the famous Seyfert galaxy NGC4151. The continuum image, with angular resolution of \sim40 mas, reveals a fine, highly collimated radio jet underlying the discrete components seen in previous MERLIN and VLA. The jet now seems to resemble those seen in higher luminosity AGN and the brighter knots correspond to shock-like features coinciding with changes in direction, possibly due to interaction with clumps of gas in the central few 100 pc of the host galaxy. The position angle of the VLBI jet is similar to that of the large scale jet and is therefore misaligned with respect to the ENLR. HI absorption against the jet and comparison with other frequencies will permit unique identification of the nucleus.

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