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Session 22 - Radio - Loud AGN & Extragalactic Jets.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
Exhibit Hall,

[22.09] Near Infrared Imaging of the z=4.41 Radio Galaxy 6C0140+326

L. Armus, B. T. Soifer, G. Neugebauer (Caltech)

We present near-infrared, K-band imaging of the z=4.41 radio galaxy 6C0140+326 taken with the W.M. Keck Telescope in \sim0.5" seeing. A resolved source is clearly detected between the radio lobes, with a major axis roughly aligned with the radio emission. The infrared source has a K\sim21.2 mag as measured in a 1\times2'' aperture. The previously measured Ly\alpha line flux (Rawlings et al. 1995) implies that at most about 10% of the K-band emission can be due to the [OII] 3727Åemission line. If the remaining K-band flux is starlight, this implies a host galaxy of at least 5L^\ast.

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