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Session 22 - Radio - Loud AGN & Extragalactic Jets.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
Exhibit Hall,

[22.03] An HST and VLA Study of Optical Synchrotron Hot Spots in the Jet in 3C380

C. P. O'Dea, W. H. de Vries, S. A. Baum, J. Biretta, W. B. Sparks, F. D. Macchetto (STScI)

We present \sim 0.1" resolution VLA images at 15, 22, and 43 GHz and a HST WFPC2 F702W image of the quasar 3C380. As reported by De Vries et al. 1997, ApJS, 110, 191, our HST imaging has revealed that there are two knots in the radio jet which also emit in the optical. These are strong candidates for optical synchrotron knots. We discuss the optical-radio spectrum, morphology and radio polarization of the two optical-radio knots. We detect the knots at all three VLA frequencies. The inner brighter knot is unresolved by our observations. The fainter outer knot is elongated perpendicular to the radio jet axis and could be the termination shock at the end of the jet.

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