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Session 20 - Chemistry & Physical Process in the ISM.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
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[20.05] Biases in the Analysis of Structures in Interstellar Gas

A. H. Minter, J. P. McMullin (NRAO)

Recently there have been several papers that address the issue of structure in molecular clouds (e.g. Blitz amp; Williams, ApJ, 488, L145, 1997 and Elmegreen amp; Falgarone, ApJ, 471, 816, 1996). These papers have often found conflicting results. We discuss several methods for determining the structure of interstellar gas, paying particular attention to the biases of each method. We then use models of gas clouds with varying morphologies to show how the various analyses are biased. Knowing the biases of the analysis in recent literature, we place reasonable limits on the morphology of molecular clouds.

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