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Session 18 - STIS.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
Exhibit Hall,

[18.11] STIS Sensitivity Calibration

R. Bohlin, C. Leitherer, A. M. Gonnella (STScI), N. R. Collins (Hughes STX/NASA/GSFC)

Point source sensitivity curves are derived for the first order modes G140L, G230L, G230LB, G430L, and G750L, which collectively span a wavelength range from 1140Åto 10320ÅThe curves are determined by comparing wide slit (52" x 2") observations of the spectrophotometric standard star GD153 to a pure hydrogen white dwarf model. The calibration is checked by comparing a calibrated STIS observation of the spectrophotometric standard star BD+75D325 to FOS flux values. Absolute spectrophotometric accuracies produced by routine processing of STIS data will be summarize.

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