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Session 18 - STIS.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
Exhibit Hall,

[18.01] HST Archival Pure Parallel Observations: STIS, NICMOS and WFPC2

S. A. Baum, S. Casertano, J. W. MacKenty, M. Reinhart (STScI)

STScI, on the recommendation of the Cycle 7 Telescope Allocation Committee, has instituted HST Archival Pure Parallel observations with STIS, NICMOS, and WFPC2. These data immediately pass into the HST Archive and become publically available, with no proprietary period. The aim is to produce a cohesive dataset for archival research which can be used to study a wide range of astronomical issues. A simple pure parallel program for each of the instruments has been operating since June of 1997, and copious amounts of data are already available in the archive. The Pure Parallels Working Group is an advisory committee put together in summer of 1997 to develop the more comprehensive pure parallel program we expect to initiate in January of 1998. The nature of the observations and the scientific goals of each of the pure parallel programs will be provided, and a description of the data obtained to date and the expectation for data to be acquired during Cycle 7 will be presented.

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