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Session 16 - Astrometry.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
Exhibit Hall,

[16.10] Positions and identifications for stars in objective-prism surveys and for photometric standards

B. A. Skiff (Lowell Obs.)

Accurate positions and identifications have been obtained for stars appearing in published objective-prism spectral surveys mostly along the galactic plane. The stars are missing from databases because they are usually identified only on charts. The files include GSC/Tycho names and equinox 2000 positions, rough magnitudes, the spectral types, and additional identifications as appropriate. Over a dozen regions comprising some 20,000 stars have been keyed-in thus far, including work done at Case, Crimea, Stockholm, and elsewhere on both blue and infrared plates. Precise positions and IDs for all of Landolt's \sim\!1100 standard stars as well as those of Purgathofer and Priser are also complete. The files can be obtained from the author, and will be deposited with data centers.

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