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Session 13 - Stellar Spectra.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
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[13.05] The Boron Isotope Ratio in HD 76932

L. Rebull, D. Duncan (U. of Chicago), S. Johansson (Lund Obs.), J. Thorburn (Yerkes Obs.), B. Fields (U. of Minnesota), D. Schramm (U. of Chicago)

Data in the \lambda2090 B region of HD 76932 were obtained using the HST GHRS echelle at a resolution of 90,000. This wavelength region has been previously identified as a likely candidate for observing the ^11B/^10B isotopic splitting (Johansson et al.\ 1993). Data presented here provides some constraints on the isotopic ratio, but it is not certain whether or not the line in question is blended with unknown stellar absorption feature(s), making an unambiguous detection of the isotopic ratio impossible. The constraints that can be placed on the isotopic ratio based on these data are discussed.

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