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Session 12 - Stellar Evolution - Theory.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
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[12.02] A Student-Oriented Graphical Interface for the Paczynski Stellar Evolution Code

A. P. Odell (Northen Arizona University), W. D. Pesnell (Nomad Research, Inc.)

The output of stellar structure and evolution codes has traditionally been in enormous tabular form. We have extensively modified the public-domain Paczynski Code to provide real-time screen-graphical output for use in undergraduate and graduate college courses. Thus anyone studying the structure and evolution of stars can compute models of chosen mass and composition, and see the results (run of composition, energy generation, and gas properties with mass) presented visually as the evolution through core carbon burning proceeds. Programs are included to generate gray stellar envelopes with mixing-length convection, converge homogeneous main-sequence models, integrate evolution sequences, and create summaries of model characteristics as a function of time, such as a theoretical H-R diagram.

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