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Session 10 - NICMOS.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
Exhibit Hall,

[10.02] The NICMOS Grism Mode

W. Freudling, A. Storrs, N. Pirzkal, A. Pasquali (ST-ECF, STScI, ST-ECF, ST-ECF, ST-ECF)

The NICMOS camera on board of HST contains three grisms for low-resolution slitless spectroscopy. They are mounted in the filter wheel of Camera 3, which is the wide field camera with a pixel size of approximately 0.2 arcsec and a field of view of about (50 arcsec)^2. The poster presents the latest in-orbit wavelength and throughput calibrations of the NICMOS grisms. Part of the HST parallel program is obtained with these grisms. We present spectra extracted from the public images, and discuss software and methods used to extract them.

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