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Session 7 - Molecular Clouds.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
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[7.12] \rho Ophiuchi Cloud Core Extinction Map

D. J. Gibson, A. Rudolph (Harvey Mudd College), M. Barsony (UC, Riverside)

We present an extinction map of a one square degree region (\sim 2.2pc square) of the core of the star-forming region \rho Ophiuchi derived by the method of star counts. Photometry from the near-infrared J, H, and K band images of Barsony et al. (1997) provided the stellar catalog for this study. From this map an estimate of the mass of the region is made and compared with previous estimates from other methods. Reference Barsony, M., Kenyon, S.J., Lada, E.A., amp; Teuben, P.J. 1997, ApJS, 112, 109

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