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Session 5 - Accretion and Outflows in YSOs.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
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[5.14] HST WFPC2 GTO Observations of Circumstellar Material

J. E. Krist (STScI), C. J. Burrows (STScI/ESA), K. R. Stapelfeldt (JPL), WFPC2 ID Team

We have used the WFPC2 camera aboard the Hubble Space Telescope to observe circumstellar nebulosity around young and main sequence stars. Young stars were selected that had high millimeter excesses (indicating a disk) or high polarizations (indicating reflection nebulosity). We present recent observations which include the field of FS Tauri, where complex reflection nebulosity surrounds the binary system of FS Tau A. In the same field is Haro 6-5B, which appears to be a protostellar disk, similar to HH 30 but flatter and more massive. It is the source of a bipolar jet and is situated at the center of a large (2 arcmin), hourglass-shaped reflection nebula. Despite circumstellar masses an order of magnitude greater than that of HH 30, we find that the classical T Tauri star CY Tauri and the weak-line T Tauri star LkCa 15 both lack any detectable reflection nebulosity. The main sequence stars HR-4796, Epsilon Eridani, Vega, and Fomalhaut were imaged to search for Beta Pictoris-like disks, but none were detected. These observations provide further evidence that the disk of Beta Pic is unique in terms of orientation and particle properties.

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