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Session 5 - Accretion and Outflows in YSOs.
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[5.13] On the Interpretation of Magnetic Field-Strengths Measurements for T Tauri Stars

P. N. Safier (U. Maryland)

Recent mesurements of magnetic field strengths in T Tauri stars yield values 1--4\,kG. Models of magnetic accretion for these objects use these measurements to compute the field-strength at distances of order several stellar radii---usually assuming a r^-3 dependence.

Here I point out that the observed values correspond to photospheric\/ field strengths, and that in the transition from the photosphere to the stellar corona the field weakens much faster than predicted by a r^-3 dependence. I show that, when computing the field at large distances from the star, the appropiate initial value is B_\ast\sim 0.1\,kG rather than B_\ast \sim 1\, kG as currently assumed.

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