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Session 5 - Accretion and Outflows in YSOs.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
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[5.12] Radio Emission from Young Stellar Objects in the LkH alpha 101 Region

P. C. Stine (Bloomsburg U. of PA), D. O'Neal (JILA/Colorado)

We present results of a VLA 3.6 cm B configuration survey of a region around LkH alpha 101. LK H alpha 101 is a Herbig Ae/Be star possessing a strong ionized stellar wind and an extended H II region. The star appears as the brightest object in a cluster of very young, highly obscured stars. We detect at least 16 sources down to 5 RMS thresholds of 0.25 mJy, most of which are thought to be associated with the star formation region. Several of the sources exhibit high radio variability, with the 3.6 cm emission varying by factors of 5 on a timescale of hours. One confirmed T Tauri star in the cloud exhibited such variation.

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