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Session 5 - Accretion and Outflows in YSOs.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
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[5.11] Spectroscopic variations in the T Tauri star RW Aurigae

J. L. Lauer, L. V. Kuhi (U. Minnesota)

Echelle spectra of the extreme T Tauri star RW Aurigae have been taken during ninety-one nights, over six years by G. Basri at Lick Observatory. Current models predict that the H\alpha and \ionCa2 lines form in different temperature regions of the star; simultaneous monitoring of these lines will therefore provide some constraints to the models of T Tauri systems.

In order to better see the changes in the emission lines, we have made movies of the profile variations of the H\alpha and \ionCa2 lines. Strings of data were used in which successive observations were separated by no more than three days. The data were interpolated onto a constant time step of 0.1 days. The movies make it possible to identify times when these two lines were in phase with each other, out of phase, and quiescent. It appears that the two emission lines are not wholly disconnected from one another even though current models imply that they are.

As part of our search for possible connections between H\alpha and \ionCa2, we have attempted a power spectrum analysis of the individual spectra and the changes of the spectra over time. Such connections will provide specific constraints on the line formation mechanisms as well as on the line emitting region.

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