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Session 5 - Accretion and Outflows in YSOs.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
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[5.08] The Effect of Microphysical Dissipation on the Balbus and Hawley Instability in Accretion Disks

T. Fleming, J. Stone (U. Maryland)

Previous studies of the magnetorotational instability described by Balbus and Hawley (1991) have shown that the saturation amplitude is dominated by reconnection and dissipative processes. Thus, there is reason to believe that the ratio of the magnitude of viscous to resistive terms may have a significant effect on the the growth and subsequent non-linear evolution of the Balbus and Hawley instability in accretion disks. The Zeus3d code was used to to examine the saturation amplitude as a function of these dissipative effects. Growth rates were measured and compared with rates determined via linear analysis. Several numerical simulations were carried out to determine how the saturation amplitude and consequently the rate at which angular momentum is transported through the disk varies in disks dominated by resitive versus viscous effects.

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