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Session 4 - Education: Telescopes, the Web and Curricula.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
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[4.08] A Path Toward Scientific Computing

A. D. Grauer (UALR and Steward Observatory)

Helping a student to become functional with modern computer software and technology is a formidable task. This paper describes a, self-paced, course of study which is intended for students who are willing to learn, but have had no previous computer experience. Its primary purpose is to enable them to learn to function in a modern scientific computing environment. Its objectives are: 1) to enable the student to learn enough UNIX, IRAF, STSDAS, and WordPerfect so he or she can use modern networked computers with real astronomical data and write up the results, 2) to develop the ability to learn independently. and 3) to couple the classical university education to modern science and technology. The interest initiated by this course motivates students to continue to learn new things on their own after they have finished its requirements. This course is an educational byproduct of a research project being funded by the National Science Foundation [grant AST- 9529169].

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