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Session 3 - Source Surveys, Galaxy Surveys, Distance Scale I.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
Exhibit Hall,

[3.06] The Galaxy Evolution Explorer instrument and mission

P. Friedman, C. Martin, D. Schiminovich, B. Madore (CalTech), L. Bianchi, A. Szalay, T. Heckman (Johns Hopkins Univ.), B. Milliard, R. Malina (Lab. Astronomie Spatiale, Marseilles), O. Siegmund, B. Welsh (UC, Berkeley), M. Rich (Columbia Univ.)

In October 1997 NASA selected the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) to fly as a Small Explorer satellite in 2001 (see C. Martin, oral presentation, this meeting.) This poster will emphasize the technical approach to the instrument and mission. GALEX will use imaging and spectroscopic surveys to probe the causes of star formation and map its history over the redshift range 0

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