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Session 3 - Source Surveys, Galaxy Surveys, Distance Scale I.
Display session, Wednesday, January 07
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[3.01] Number Counts and the Angular Correlation Function of an HST Survey

J. Rhodes, E. Groth (Princeton U. Physics Dept.), WFPC1 ID Team

We report on progress in analyzing a strip of 28 contiguous HST fields. The Survey Strip contains 28 fields with exposures in both the V and I bands. In addition, we analyze one auxiliary disjoint field.

We report on the number magnitude relation for galaxies in the Survey Strip and compare our results to ground based results and various HST surveys including the Hublle Deep Field. In addition we have calculated the angular two point correlation function for the galaxies in the strip. Possible systematic effects including differing sensitivities in different fields and a small gradient in sensitivity across the WFPC2 chips are discussed. The correlation function is compared to correlation function estimates derived from theoretical models.

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