Session List

MONDAY, 30 JUNE 1997

Session 1. Chromosphere, Corona, Flares
Displays continue, Monday, 8:00am-6:00pm, Ballroom B (Chair: Charles Kankelborg)

Session 2. Everything Else
Displays continue, Monday, 8:00am-6:00pm, Ballroom C (Chair: Richard Canfield)

Session 12. Image Processing

Oral, Monday, 9:00-10:30am, Ballroom A, Chair: Stephen Kahler

12.01 Image Compression Aboard the LASCO-EIT/SOHO Coronagraphs
R. A. Howard (Naval Research Lab), D. Wang (Interferometrics/Naval Research Lab)
12.02 Image Improvement Techniques
R. A. Shine (LMATC)
12.03 Techniques for Restoration and Enhancement of Solar Images
M. Karovska (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
12.04 Real-time Solar Feature Recognition
P. L. Bornmann, J. R. Winkelman, L. Combs, D. Speich (NOAA/SEC)

Session 13. Image Processing, Chromosphere

Oral, Monday, 11:00am-12:30pm, Ballroom A, Chair: Thomas Metcalf

13.01 Principles, Practical Problems, and the Performance of MEM Imaging for the Yohkoh Hard X-ray Telescope
T. Kosugi (Nobeyama Radio Observatory, NAOJ), J. Sato, T. Sakao (NAOJ), S. Masuda (STE Laboratory, Nagoya University)
13.02 Indirect Imaging in Solar Physics
G. J. Hurford (Caltech)
13.03 Quiet Sun He I 1083 nm Chromospheric Events
M. J. Penn (NSO/NOAO), H. P. Jones (NASA/GSFC)
13.04 Chromospheric Events in the Quiet Network
C. Keller (NSO Tucson), T. Bastian (NRAO Socorro), A. Benz, S. Krucker (ETH Zurich)
13.05 Study of Chromospheric Jets
C. Lee (Rutgers University/NJIT), A. Johannesson (BBSO), H. Wang (NJIT), M. Stage, H. Zirin (Caltech)

Session 14. Solar-Terrestrial, Solar Wind

Oral, Monday, 2:00-3:30pm, Ballroom A, Chair: David Webb

14.01 Co-Temporal Evolution of Magnetic Sources of Coronal and Chromospheric/Photospheric Irradiance Variability
J. L. Lean, J. T. Mariska (Naval Research Laboratory), L. W. Acton (Montana State University)
14.02 Spectral Distribution of Total Irradiance Variability
J. Pap (UCLA), L. Floyd, D. Prinz (NRL), D. Parker, R. Ulrich, F. Varadi (UCLA), SOHO/VIRGO Team
14.03 An Analysis of the Blue and Red Contrasts of Photospheric Faculae
G. A. Chapman, S. Ahern (SFO/CSUN)
14.04 Solar and Geomagnetic Precursor Predictions
K. Schatten (GSFC/NASA)
14.05 The structure of the low corona and its implication on the origin of the slow solar wind
T. H. Zurbuchen, L. A. Fisk, N. A. Schwadron, G. Gloeckler (The University of Michigan, Space Research Bldg., Ann Arbor, MI 48109)
14.06 A Re-examination of the Parker Solar Wind Model
T. G. Moran (NASA/GSFC)

Session 15. Interplanetary, Instrumentation

Oral, Monday, 4:00-5:00pm, Ballroom A, Chair: Victor Pizzo

15.01 The Solar Source of the January 1997 CME/Magnetic Cloud; Recurrent Activity on a Polar Crown Filament Channel
D. Webb (ISR, Boston College), E. Cliver (AF Research Lab), P. McIntosh (HelioSynoptics, Inc.), N. Gopalswamy (University of Maryland), H. Hudson (ISAS/ SPRC)
15.02 Tomography of Heliospheric Structures Using Helios Spacecraft Photometer Data
B. V. Jackson (UCSD/CASS), P. L. Hick (UCSD/CASS)
15.03 New Digital Magnetograph at Big Bear Solar Observatory
H. Wang (NJIT), C. Denker (BBSO), T. Spirock (NJIT), S. Yang (NJIT), P. Goode (New Digital MNJIT)
15.04 Progress in Active Optics at the NSO/SP Vacuum Tower Telescope
R. R. Radick (PL/GPSS), T. R. Rimmele (National Solar Observatory/Sacramento Peak)